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Feb 3, 2022

Conceptual artist, producer and activist John Sims on shredding confederate iconography, the power of Pi, quilting with the Amish, being handcuffed in his pajamas, the square root of love, and more. PLUS: Steve Buscemi reminds us why making art matters. Contributing artists: Joseph Keckler, John Sims Projects, Vi Hart; AfroDixie: The Rain Mix musicians, including Johnnie Barker, Thomas Bentley, Patrick Bettison, Tom Carabasi, Ally Couch, Scott Curts, Ann Declercq, Kenny Drew Jr., Richard Drexler, Al Fuller, Geno and Skunk Boogie, Steady Joseph, Nigel Lewis, Michael Mendez, Henry Porter Jr./The Assembly of the Young and Gifted, Michal Rizman, Sal Sax, Eddie Tobin, James Verano, Twinkle Yochim.

Special thanks to The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College, Director Ian Berry and Associate Curator Rebecca McNamara: “Radical Fiber: Threads Connecting Art and Science” featuring John Sims’ “The Hanging of Knots Up to 8 Crossing” is on view through June 12.